Why are DC Fans better than AC Fans

As time goes by, upgrading yourself and the things around you is essential. There are many types of ceiling fans available on the market and we have found that Australian households are confused about selecting the right fan according to their needs.

This article covers why DC Fans are better than AC Fans. Firstly, what is the difference? DC stands for (direct current) and AC fans are (alternating current).

I hope the information below will help you choose the right fan for your home.

Traditionally ceiling fans run on featured AC motors. Although AC fans are cheaper to manufacture, they are less energy-efficient than DC fans and AC ceiling fans only feature AC motors because residential properties have AC power.

Purchasing a DC fan for a bedroom gives you extremely quiet cooling at the lowest running cost. Up to 8x cheaper than an AC fan and up to 50 times cheaper than ducted air conditioning. The only noise is the sound of the airflow, and no buzzing motors, which softens the external noise of your environment and contributes to better sleeping and health.

Comparison between AC fans and DC Fans

AC fans are up to 85% more expensive to run. A 35W DC fan can produce the same airflow as a 60W AC fan. The AC fan will always draw 60 watts (energy consumption) whereas a DC fan will draw as low as 7W on the lower setting which is used most frequently, saving up to 88% in running costs.

AC fan motors are noisy, especially at night in a bedroom you will hear the motor hum as opposed to a DC fan which has no motor noise.

AC fans need in-wall controllers which are more expensive to install; DC fans can be connected to normal wall switches.

AC fans have limited speed options, normally 3; DC fans have 6 speed options on remote, as well as a reversible option for winter.

AC fans do not last as long as DC fans which have warranties of 6 Years.

Advantages of DC Fans

Much cheaper to run

Cheaper and quicker to install

Quiet motor

More fan speed options

Reversible fan for winter

Long lifespan - 6 Year warranty

Greenhse Technologies have a large range of DC Ceiling fans in Perth in different styles and colors.

Aesthetics and personal choice seem to be the biggest influence when selecting, however, wind flow rate and ceiling height are the most important factors. We have fans with very low depth for low ceilings, 24-watt high brightness lights to suit a single room without compromise, dimmable and colour selectable with remote, as well as full SMART fans.

Thanks for reading our blog. I hope you now understand why DC fans are the more logical choice for modern homes today.