Crystal Glass Switches Perth

Crystal touch switch plates and smart switches can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a Smart Home Perth. These are elegant and easy to clean, with attractive soft lighting to indicate ON/OFF, and are easy to see in the dark. However, there are certain requirements and a few limitations so please follow the guidelines below before ordering:


  1. Standard touch switches are single-wire and do not require a Neutral
  2. Available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 Gang switches
  3. Two-way switching is available in 1, 2 & 3 gangs, using standard communication wiring. 2 x two-way switches will be required (any number of gangs) and these get paired electronically after installation
  4. Dimmer and non-dimmer switches on 1 plate are not available
  5. 1, 2 & 3 gang dimmers are available, but all lights need to be dimmable
  6. With single wiring on electronic switches there can be interference from lighting circuits and 1 x Load correction device on the circuit (normally installed in the first socket) may be required
  7. Load correction devices can assist with dimming and residual current which causes some LED globes to glow when switched off
  8. Smart lights require a load correction device on the circuit; this assists with stability and maintains the live circuit when using the App


  1. Smart switches require Neutral wires
  2. 1, 2, 3 & 4 Gang switches are available
  3. Curtain/blind Switches are available
  4. 1 Gang dimmable switches are available
  5. Smart switches are more stable because they are neutral. Load correction devices are not required
  6. Smart switches can be linked to do 2-Way and 3-way Switching with no additional wiring
  7. Smart switches can be switched ON/OFF remotely with smart devices and can work with sensors, cameras, Alexa, Google etc.
  8. Smart switches can also be linked to remote sockets or switches with no wiring


  1. When building a new Smart Home Perth, always allow for Neutral wires or conduits wherever you may require a smart switch
  2. Smart switches are very useful at the front door, as security cameras can be linked to switches on lights for convenience and safety at no extra cost
  3. Smart switches can also enable you to add gangs and link to other switches, or garden lights etc. with no extra cabling
  4. Smart switches can be combined with standard switches as they look and feel the same. This will save costs as Smart switches are not really required in most applications

What do you do if you have no Neutral wires or Conduits:

  1. Electricians can often add a Neutral wire to switches on external walls as these can be double brick with a cavity between them
  2. Neutral wires can be added if there is a garage, cupboard or area behind the switch wall that will not be affected by running an external conduit
  3. Two-way cabling can be converted to a Neutral with correct testing and heat-shrinking the exposed cable ends to Blue
  4. Circuits can be combined, and the extra cable converted to a Neutral
  5. Remember extra switches can be added using smart receivers or sockets without any wiring

After reading this, order your smart switches requirement today so that one of our Greenhse experts or recommended electricians can assist you further. Please note we can only supply recommendations, and it is advisable to discuss your options with your electrician and for them to call us direct.