LED Downlights are the most popular for residential and commercial lighting. Installing downlights in homes gives bright lighting with low running costs. Nowadays, there are many options to consider to achieve brightness and aesthetics of the room appearance according to your preferences.

Most downlights now come standard with a 3 colour (tri-colour) selectable switch. They were giving you the option of warm (3000 Kelvin), Natural (4000k), and Bright White or Daylight (5000k). Some lights will also offer up to 6000k, although this is not recommended. Standard LED Downlights can be very useful in areas requiring bright, even lighting to fill a space or room. However, a problem with this is that to achieve coverage; they use a white transparent diffuser that gives a wide spread of light and, unfortunately, causes glare and can create an uncomfortable environment.

Greenhse new 10w LED Downlight range is the most popular, with many different options to create the perfect lighting environment - from a standard (3 colour switchable) to low glare downlights, Smart full colour (RGBW), Smart CCT (2700-5700k), all with the same look and feel.

Architectural Downlights Perth incorporates low glare lenses or deep reflectors to provide lighting without the discomfort of glare. This type of lighting also provides more direct lighting, which enables areas and features to be highlighted. This creates a better ambience and mood.

The older design tri-colour lights are harder to adjust compared to the new Smart ones.The new LED downlights are Smart therefore adjustable; wider beam and low glare downlights output colour can now be controlled with a wide colour temperature range and brightness options using a Smart device and are Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible

Shop the best designer LED Lighting in Perth - explore our most extensive residential and commercial lighting options. This exclusive collection is online or available in our Ellenbrook showroom to enable you to create the perfect lighting environment.

Guide 1: Everything you need to know about Downlights

Guide 2: Benefits of Low Glare/Architectural Downlights

Guide 3: Lighting Layout Guidelines

LED Downlights

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