Smart Kinetic RF Switches for home

SMART Kinetic RF switches, offered by Greenhse Technologies, are the best choice for smart homes due to their unparalleled advantages. These wireless switches offer effortless installation, eliminating the need for complex wiring and making them perfect for retrofitting existing homes. Their energy efficiency allows for reduced power consumption and automated scheduling, optimizing energy usage and lowering electricity bills. With reliable and responsive RF technology, Smart Kinetic RF switches ensure seamless communication within a smart home, even through walls and obstacles. Their flexibility and scalability allow for easy relocation and expansion as smart home needs evolve. Compatible with various smart home ecosystems, these switches integrate effortlessly, providing convenient control through voice assistants or dedicated mobile apps.

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  1. Kinetic switches require no connected wires, or even batteries.
  2. They connect directly to a receiving Module placed in the ceiling near the lights or device.
  3. Available in 1, 2 & 3 gang, they are attractive, very strong, neat and completely waterproof, IP67
  4. These switches can connect to various different control modules;- 1000W Receiver Dual 1200W Receiver (600W x 2) Dimmer 100W Receiver Smart 600W Receiver Smart Dimmer 100W Receiver
  5. Depending on the receiver Module selected, Kinetic switches can turn devices ON/OFF, DIM and even with SMART Control.
  6. With no wiring required, construction cost savings are possible but more importantly you have complete flexibility and no limitations. Switches can be added as and where required.
  7. 2-Way and 3-way switching work well with this system. Multiple switches can link to one receiver, and multiple receivers can link to one switch.
  8. Perfect for bed side tables and island benches
  9. Suitable for outdoor areas
  10. Even suitable for wheelchairs and special requirements.


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  1. Once receiver Module has been wired, push the square linking button until the red light flashes slowly. Let go, then push the Kinetic switch that is being linked to it once quickly and let go. (Be careful to not push the incorrect switch as un-linking is more difficult.)
  2. To unlink, the Square button needs to be pushed for about 12 seconds. The red light will flash slowly, then it will flash quickly, then it will stop flashing. then stop pushing the square button and the switch will be unlinked.
  3. Dual receiver Module - can connect to 2 separate devices with different switches. Connecting the first device to the first switch is the same as all receivers. Push for 3 seconds until red light flashes, let go and push kinetic switch once quickly and let go.
  4. To connect the second device, push square button twice quickly and the light will turn BLUE. Push and hold square button for 3 seconds and BLUE light will flash. Push the second Kinetic switch once quickly to pair second switch to second output on the receiver Module. To get back to the RED light, push square button twice quickly.
  5. Note: Multiple switches can be linked to a single receiver and multiple receivers can be linked to 1 switch. Carefully plan and link correctly, or incorrect switching will occur and unlinking will be required. For the dual controller Both RED and BLUE channels may need to be unlinked.
  6. SMART receivers will need to be linked to the home WiFi.
  7. When the Smart Receiver Module is turned on the Red light will flash quickly. Open the Smart Life or Tuya App and push “+” add device.
  8. The receiver Module will open on the App, select ‘Add device’. Once added, select and change the name.
  9. If the “Smart Dimmer” module has been added, set the “minimum level” to ensure light can be seen and no flickering.
  10. After Smart receivers have been added they can be linked to a Kinetic switch by pushing the “+ Pair” button, then pushing the Kinetic switch you want to link to it - once.
  11. With the Smart receivers linked to the WiFi and Kinetic switches, numerous options are available using the “Scene” function on the bottom of the App page.



  1. Ensure your WiFi is set up and working well, and if you plan on using more than 10 Smart device, invest in a good WiFi extender, such as the UBIQUITI U6-LR.
  2. Set up a separate 2.4GHz network with its own name and password, or ask your provider, or WiFi supplier to set this up before leaving. Please use a name and password you can remember correctly and get right each time.
  3. Load and register “Smart Life” or “Tuya” App.
  4. Select the 2.4GHz WiFi selection on your Smart device and ensure you have good WiFi strength where the device will be added (3 bars or more on signal strength).
  5. Follow the product installation instructions and use the same 2.4GHz name and password.

Overall, Smart Kinetic RF switches combine convenience, efficiency, reliability, and versatility, making them the optimal choice for modern smart homes offered by Greenhse Technologies, the best LED Lighting Shop in Ellenbrook Perth.