Commercial LED Lighting Perth requires higher quality and longer lifespans than residential lighting. In addition the efficiency and lumens per Watt should be as high as possible to reduce electricity costs.

A high bay light with 80 lumens/Watt will use twice as much electricity as a high bay light with 160 lumens/Watt with the same amount of light. In addition sensors and smart controllers can quickly and inexpensively be added to halve the usage without compromising the function.

Fluorescent tubes are no longer manufactured and have been replaced with LED equivalents ranging from 24V/240V strip lighting to batten fittings. These, however, differ hugely in their quality. CRI is an indication of the colour accuracy and for functions such as shops, displays or even medical offices, this needs to be very high. Low CRI lighting has very low red content which will make you or your products look dull and lifeless. Even selecting a warmer colour temperature will not add more red. 5000k is the most suitable colour selection for brightness, health and concentration. 6000k is detrimental to your eyes and lower colour temperatures simulate evening lighting which promote relaxation and can cause drowsiness.

Office and school lighting is critical. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer will be made worse with lights that do not have anti-flicker drivers. DOB (driver on board) is a cheaper form of powering LEDs but the effect is detrimental to one’s concentration and health.  Use the camera function on your phone near the light source and you will see if your lights are good quality and if they are flicker–free.


LED Commercial Lighting

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