High Voltage 240V Strip Lighting


GH 240V Strip Lighting is fully certified to Australian Standards - the only 240v LED strip light with this certification in Australia.

This strip lighting has numerous advantages over Low voltage strip lighting. It is very strong, bright and has good LED density. The biggest advantage is its strength and being very easy to install.

This strip light can be up to 30 meters long. All that is required is a plug in the recess connected to a wall switch. No transformers, no joins, no wires, just 1 plug, making it easy to install within minutes and lasts for decades.

Strip lights get made to size, to the closest meter, with factory fitted AC adapter and plug, and are plug and play.

Strip lights can also be dimmable with Triac wall switch dimmers and are available in a number of colour choices. With up to 180 LEDs/meter and high quality LED chips, high quality bright seamless lit ceilings are achieved. They are suitable for hotels, shopping centres and high quality homes.

Full colour 240V strip light is also available. It requires a RGB controller which can work with a selection of colour remotes or on your Smart device as well as with Google or Alexa with an optional gateway.