Smart Lighting products and Accessories

Smart Lighting:

The most useful Smart product for a home, in my opinion, would be lighting. Smart lights have many advantages: 

  • The light can turn on and off by voice or App and even be set to a schedule.
  • The Brightness level can be selected from 1-100%, ensuring comfortable and practical lighting levels as well as energy saving when lower levels are selected.
  • The colour temperature can be selected to suit your home and preference, adjusting from very Warm 2700k to 6500k Cool White. There are also human-centric settings adjusting the colour temperature according to the time of the day, which can help with sleep patterns and health.
  • Full-colour options are also available, with blue light settings suitable in Home theatres, colour changing with music to enliven any home function or to appeal to teenagers’ individuality.


SMART Switches:

  • Although Smart Lights can be turned on and off with the App, there is always a possibility that the wall switch gets turned off.
  • Smart switches can work well with normal and Smart lighting, enabling them to be turned on and off from anywhere in the world and for schedules to be set.
  • Smart switches can save a lot of construction costs since complicated communication wiring is no longer required to be planned and placed while building a home. Smart switches can be linked together in numerous combinations, as 2-way, 3-way or more.
  • Smart switches can be added with no load wires as 2-way or 3-way switches as mentioned above, as well as to connect to remote Smart receivers, strip lighting, garden lights, or Smart plugs connected to table lamps, various devices and even the Christmas tree.
  • Multiple timers and schedules can be set for any required switch, making the connected item Smart.
  • Motion Sensors, IP Cameras, Contact Sensors, Temperature Sensors and more can all be connected to a Smart switch. When someone visits your home your Smart doorbell camera can turn on the porch lights, garden lights and even an inside table light.
  • When you leave your home, all switches can automatically turn off, with one or two specific lights remaining on if required.
  • When arriving home, specific lights can automatically switch on and be set to the required level (if Smart).

SMART WiFi Sockets:

  • Two Smart WIFI sockets can be placed next to each other on a double GPO, and if required, Smart modules can even be built into a GPO during construction.
  • Smart plugs can be turned on and off with the App or a linked Smart switch.
  • Multiple timers and schedules can be set.
  • They can be turned on or off by Smart products such as a Smart Switch, IP Cameras, PIR sensors, contact sensors, smoke alarms and more.
  • With 2.5 Amps and optional relay switches, hot water systems, aircon, heat pumps, pool pumps, bore pumps and numerous devices can be controlled.
  • When set to function during day-time hours while Solar production provides no-cost electricity, this can lead to very large energy cost savings.


Remote or In-Ceiling Smart Modules:

  • Any standard lighting system with single wired switches can be converted to Smart.
  • Most old homes have single wired switches with no neutral wires. This prevents stable Smart switches from being used, which require a neutral feed. The remote devices get connected to the ceiling or at the device source where neutral wires exist.
  • Smart modules will enable remote switching, dimming and scheduling.
  • They can also have wireless Kinetic switches linked to them and placed conveniently where required.


SMART Kinetic Switch:

  • Smart Kinetic switches require no connected wires or even batteries.
  • Kinetic Switches require no connected wires or even batteries.
  • They connect directly to Modules or Smart Modules placed near the lights or device to be controlled.
  • Available in 1, 2 & 3 gangs; they are attractive, strong, neat, and completely waterproof, IP67.
  • These switches can connect to various different control modules; 
    1. 1000W Receiver
    2. Dual 1200W Receiver (600W x 2)
    3. Dimmer 100W Receiver
    4. Smart 600W Receiver
    5. Smart Dimmer 100W Receiver
  • Depending on the receiver Module selected, Kinetic switches can turn devices on and off, do dimming and even Smart control. 
  • With no wiring required, huge construction cost savings are possible, but more importantly, you have complete flexibility and no limitations. Switches can be added as and where required. 
  • 2-way and 3-way switching works well with this system. Multiple switches can link to one Perfect for bed-side tables and island benches.
  • Suitable for outdoor areas.
  • Even suitable for wheelchairs and special requirements.



Zigbee devices use the lowest power consumption of WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, making them suitable for batteries, with running times up to 2 years on a small button battery. Devices with batteries make installation very easy and extremely flexible.

Before installing Zigbee devices, a Zigbee Gateway needs to be installed. This will act as a bridge between your WiFi system and all Zigbee devices. The Zigbee Gateway must be connected to the Router with a data cable and connected using the App and 2.4GHz network. Once the Gateway is connected, select the Gateway on the App and push “Add device.” The devices must be put in pairing mode as indicated on the App and then added.

  • Contact Sensors - are very small, attractive, and can be placed on doors, windows or any opening system as security, or as a device to activate lights and other Smart products.
  • PIR sensors - can be easily and conveniently placed inconspicuously in rooms, hallways and areas requiring automated lighting. Two or more sensors can also be added to switch the same lights ensuring stable and reliable functioning.
  • Temperature Sensors - can be useful for sending warnings and turning on fans or other devices. Placed in a fridge, warnings can be sent if temperatures exceed 6º or in rooms to set air conditioning levels. Even in a fish tank to monitor water temperatures remotely.
  • Smoke Alarms - not only will they emit loud warning signals, but timely messages to your phone, and even the option to turn off devices. N.B. These do not replace the standard home smoke alarm but can be used in ancillary areas such as garages, sheds etc.
  • Water Sensors - any over-level or water spillage can be activate alarms and messages.

    WiFi Cameras and Doorbells:

    WiFi Cameras are very easy to install, as they only require USB power supply, or can be connected to mini solar panels if outdoors and/or run on batteries.

    WiFi Cameras are extremely useful for recording visitors coming to your home as pictures are saved to the App message center. Notifications can also be sent to your Smart phone, as well as an option for Smart functions such as turning on lights or an alarm.

    WiFi Cameras and doorbells have 2-way voice options, some have human detection and adjustable sensor areas, ensuring only required pictures and notifications are received.

    The Doorbell cameras also have linked chimes, which are placed inside and will ring on your mobile device. These can turn on the front wall or porch, or garden lights if motion is detected.

    WiFi Garage Door Opener:

    This WiFi Garage Door Controller is extremely useful as it notifies you if your garage door is left open by mistake. Often we leave our homes and are unsure whether we have closed the door or, even worse, if the door has hit an obstruction and opened up without our knowledge.

    The door can be opened and closed remotely, allowing you to open it if you are not at home. It is combined with a WiFi Camera, giving you great options and peace of mind.

    WiFi Sensor & Sensor Light:

    A WiFi sensor can adjust various controls and settings on a Smart device. The Smart WiFi sensor combined with lights has the additional option of controlling the light brightness and even the colour temperature.

    WiFi sensors give all the advantages of a good quality sensor with up to 19 meters range and 90º coverage and cost-saving options such as connecting to other Smart devices without any additional wiring. (Only live and neutral power feeds are required).

    When paired with a Smart switch or even a Smart plug, a number of useful functions are available, such as on and off switching, scheduling, and notifications.

    WiFi Water Switches:

    These can be easily & reliably set to ensure correct watering days and times. Soil and temperature sensor also monitors and will times and days where required to ensure ideal watering without waste.