NEW Greenhouse SMART Kinetic RF Switches in 1/2/3 Gang with white finish. 

This innovative Smart switch allows you to control the lights in your home with the push of a button. The kinetic switches are wireless so you can place the controls exactly where you want them. Completely portable and easy to set up, this nifty home accessory will optimise your smart lighting system.

Uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch so no batteries or wiring needed. Fully portable for use as a remote, or can be mounted to the wall for easy storage. With up to three configurable buttons, you can utilise one switch to control multiple rooms or lights. Control distance: up to 25m indoor using RF 433MHz multiple way control.

Can be mounted on various surfaces - marble, ceramic, glass etc.

Waterproof IP67.

Google and Alexa compatible with Smart controller.

Various Controllers - Dimmable, non-dimmable, WiFi etc.

From $28.00each +GST for 1-Gang

STOCK arriving January 2023, please call on 08 9297 2969 to enquire or pre-order.

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  Installation Do It Yourself
  Power Self-Powered (no battery)
  Dimming / Smart Yes, with appropriate Controller
  Construction White UV stabilised polycarbonate
  IP Rating IP67 Waterproof 
  Dimensions 86x86x16.6mm
  Connectivity RF 433MHz
  Wireless Distance Up to 80m (outside), 25m (inside)
  Plate Compatibility 1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang
  Warranty 2 Year replacement
  Certification RCM, SAA


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