LED Outdoor Lighting in Perth for gardens, needs to be able to withstand rain, wind and sun. Outdoor lighting is an important element which adds value to outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, garages, walkways, recreational or eating areas. Lighting with an IP65 rating is required. UV stabilized PVC or Aluminium lighting is the most suitable in Australia for maintaining the aesthetics and to withstand the elements. Even stainless steel 304 should be upgraded to 316 marine grade to prevent rust.

Wall Lights in Perth have two main functions - to provide lighting and to make your home look more attractive. There are two types of lighting. The first is area lighting where a light will fit on a wall and light up an area.  The more lumens, the larger and brighter the area will be.  The second type are wall washers which will light up the walls or columns giving the house an attractive street appeal. These will not give a lot of spill light which is good for traffic and your neighbours although will offer less surround light. The colour temperature and lumens are very important when selecting this type of light as this cannot be changed later. The design and style can be chosen to suit your preferences but check that the light output color will be suitable. Warm lighting is normally preferred for wall washers on the outside as it makes the home look more inviting and attract less insects.

Waterproof garden lights with a rating of IP65 or higher can also greatly enhance your garden area. They are low voltage, 12V, use 10 watt LED chips, with low power consumption and high lumens. Using glass 60 degree lenses these lights can also light up areas over longer distances. Available in single colour, soft 4000k natural white or full colour adjustable RGB.

For pools or ponds, IP68 rating is needed, giving extra protection. LED Pool Lights are attractive and energy saving, they are safe for children with no risk of overheating and no risk to eyes. These are fully waterproof have an IP68 rating with the recommended 316 stainless steel.  

Our Strong, slim RGB +CCT Flood Light has high efficiency and long lifespan. With 2700-5700k white, 16 million colours and 9 colour changing modes, it can be controlled with wireless remote or smart phone. Recommended for a variety of outdoor lighting applications.


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