Case Studies

Total savings below are calculated on the warranty period and minimum lifespan.

   Saving /Year  Years of saving  Total Saving  Cost of Light/s
 Hotel  $40000.00  3-6  $144000.00  $8500.00
 WareHouse   $40000.00  5-10  $200000.00  $18000.00
 Retail Shop   $20000.00  3-6  $60000.00  $12000.00
 Chemist   $14500.00  3-6  $43500.00  $11000.00
 Mini Factory   $3000.00  5-10  $15000.00  $1000.00

RESIDENTIAL CASE STUDIES  For a Medium-Size Home: Total lighting is reduced from about 2400 Watts to about 350 Watts for less than $2000. On new homes, the additional cost of fittings is only about 20%-30%. There will always be a saving over the lifespan of the light, although some lights in homes may be used very little which increases the time to realise the benefit. For home offices, kitchens or lights that are left on all night, the savings will be achieved well within a year, similar to the chart above and if installed whilst building the home, the extra cost would be offset very quickly. Significant costs and time will be saved over several years, with a huge reduction in having to replace blown lights.


Greenhouse Technologies supply energy-saving products and systems, specialising in Induction and LED lighting. Our manufacturing and sourcing company in China design, produce and source a range of professional products specific to Australian standards and according to electricians requirements and needs.

Products are fully certified, designed for easy installation and fitting, lowering electricians' time and customers' costs.

On pre-ordered products for electricians or large projects, we offer lowest prices and arrange deliveries throughout Australia as well as Internationally.

Greenhouse Technologies have provided solutions and large savings for 100’s of commercial properties and homes, including:

  • Amcal
  • Ascot Quays Hotel
  • Cumberland Ford 
  • Forestfield Forum & Marketplace
  • Friendlies Chemists
  • Genesis 
  • Hollywood Private Hospital 
  • IGA 
  • Jetts 
  • Kone 
  • Lenards Chicken Franchise
  • Mazenod College
  • McGees
  • Midland Gate Mall
  • Novotel 
  • Perth Ice Arena 
  • Raw Hire
  • Revolution Sports 
  • Rocla Mines
  • The Shops Ellenbrook Mall
  • South Coastal Womens Health Services 
  • Stirling Central 
  • The Pines 
  • The Vines Resort & Country Club

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