Why choose Greenhse 24V Strip Lights?

Greenhouse low voltage 24V strip lighting:

• High Lumens up to 3500 Lumens/meter - brighter than fluorescent tubes

• Very high density up to 480 LED/m creating bright dotless strip lighting

• 24V Lower current

• Long lifespan

• Up to 10 m lengths

• Rich, deep, high colour depth with high colour rendering

There are so many types and styles of strip lighting available. We have selected the latest and best styles to give you the best lighting effects to compliment and improve your home or commercial application.

Small niche recesses can light up a room and long dotless undercounted lighting creates the most effective and striking home lighting.

All strip lights can be operated from a selection of remotes and Smart devices with WiFi or Bluetooth, Google and Alexa.

Greenhouse strip lights can be up to 10 x brighter, more attractive and have longer lifespans.

For professional, bright and effective strip lighting visit www.greenhse.com